Andy Georges Film Composer & Songwriter


April 2019

Currently, Andy is composing additional music for the long running hit TV show Criminal Minds. The 15th season will be starting in September.

October 2017 — Book of Acts

Georges completed the score for the three hour epic Biblical film "Book of Acts." Starring James Brolin and Jennifer O'neill. The film was originally released in 1994 and has been updated with all more

August 2016 — “What’s Eating Todd” out on Amazon Prime!

The highly anticipated horror/thriller "What's Eating Todd" is now out on Amazon Prime, Itunes, and Google Play. Directed by Renata Green Gaber.

August 2016 — Where Are You Bobby Browning

Score completed for "Where Are You Bobby Browning." A romantic comedy starring Cassi Thomson and directed by Marc A. Hutchins due out later this year.

April 2015 — Crossing Streets

Andy finished the score to "Crossing Streets." A dramedy directed by Marc A. Hutchins due out later this year.

December 2014 — One Chance

Andy placed a song in the film "One Chance" directed by David Frankel.

October 2014 — What’s Eating Todd

Andy is working on the score for "What's Eating Todd." A thriller/horror feature directed by Renata Green Gaber due out in 2015.

December 2013 — Tin Holiday

Andy is scoring the feature film "Tin Holiday" directed by Joe Camareno due out in 2014.

April 2013 — Deidre Lorenz’ new pilot

Georges completed the score for a pilot shot in New York by filmmaker Deirdre Lorenz. The pilot will be hitting the festival circuit later this year.

January 2013 — Sacred Chants 2

Andy is producing and playing on Sacred Chants 2 by Paradise recording artist "Orenda Blu" slated for release later this year.

November 2012 — Santorini Blue

Andy is busy composing a major portion of the soundtrack to Santorini Blue starring Deirdre Lorenz, Matthew Panepinto, Ice-T, and Richard Belzer coming out in 2013.

September 2012 — Callbox 23

Georges placed a song in the short film Callbox 23 directed by Christopher Taylor that is screening at festivals later this year.

July 2012 — Love by Sunil Narkar

Andy completed the score to Love directed by Sunil Narkar.

June 2012 — My Life in Ruins

Georges placed a song in the film My Life In Ruins starring Nia Vardalos and produced by Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson.

February 2012 — Leader of the Pack

Andy is scoring the TV series Leader of the Pack. Starring Lauren Potter (Glee) and directed by Richard Redlin.

December 2011 — Outstanding Acheivement Award

Andy's score for "Celeste Bright" picked up an Outstanding Achievement Award for music at the LA webfest. A big congrats to the Celeste Bright cast and crew!

November 2011 — with Emily Tessmer

Currently Andy is working on a sacred chants record with singer Emily Tessmer. The CD is slated for release later in the year.

November 2011 — AO’s And Love Rages On

AO releases And Love Rages On. Georges appears as co-writer on several songs as well as playing bouzouki and mandolin.

October 2011 — Fixing Paco

Andy is busy scoring the TV series Fixing Paco, starring Paul Rodriguez and directed by Joe Camareno due out in early 2012. In the summer of last year, Andy placed one of his songs called Verona in more

November 2010 — Celeste Bright & Run Fatboy Run

Andy is working on a dramatic thriller web series called Celeste Bright starring Ryan Michelle Bathe from the hit TV show Trauma, written and produced by Sonya Steele. Look for the mega hit film Run more