Andy Georges Film Composer & Songwriter

May 2015 — Marc A. Hutchins

Scoring Crossing Streets was tricky to navigate. We worked through several composers before landing the one we loved - truly loved. The others were good, each bringing something to the film, but more

May 2013 — Joe Doughrity Testimonial

Andy Georges is one of the most versatile composers working today. His eclectic compositions added substantial production value to the episodes of 'Celeste Bright' that I directed. His score more

May 2012 — Joe Camareno Testimonial

Working with Andy Georges over the years has been fantastic. He is adept at composing any genre of music necessary for the various projects I have brought to him. From a comedic and quirky score for ' more

May 2011 — Ben Mittleman Testimonial

Andy created and produced very effective music for my documentary 'Dying to Live - the journey into a man’s open heart'. Being brought in at a late stage in the post to fill out the score and more