Andy Georges Film Composer & Songwriter


Scoring Crossing Streets was tricky to navigate. We worked through several composers before landing the one we loved – truly loved. The others were good, each bringing something to the film, but ultimately we realized that Andy Georges was our man. His vision for bringing the director’s dream to life made scoring seem like something so incredibly simple. Each part he delivered resonated with me and the final score would eventually bring the film together.


Marc A. Hutchins

Director “Crossing Streets”

Andy Georges is one of the most versatile composers working today. His eclectic compositions added substantial production value to the episodes of ‘Celeste Bright’ that I directed. His score heightened the dramatic scenes, made light moments funnier, and added texture to the visuals the Cinematographer and I created. I look forward to our next collaboration. No matter what genre it is, I know Andy’s music will help me evoke an emotional response from viewers.

Joe Doughrity
Director “Celeste Bright”

Working with Andy Georges over the years has been fantastic. He is adept at composing any genre of music necessary for the various projects I have brought to him. From a comedic and quirky score for ‘Cup o’ Joe’ to a big action-adventure, government thriller score for ‘Revenge of the Bimbot Zombie Killers’ to a warm and moving score for ‘Fixing Paco’ which starred legendary comedian Paul Rodriguez. Andy works fast, delivering just the right tone for your project and when it isn’t quite right, he has no problem adjusting it to meet your project’s needs, doing so with no ego or attitude. For him, it’s about landing on the perfect mood and timbre. Whenever I’m in the need for a composer, Andy is my first go to guy, a professional in the truest sense of the word.

Joe Camareno
Director / Producer / Actor “Cup o’ Joe”
“Revenge of the Bimbot Zombie Killers”
“Fixing Paco”

Andy created and produced very effective music for my documentary
‘Dying to Live – the journey into a man’s open heart’. Being brought in at
a late stage in the post to fill out the score and produce several songs
under tight time requirements, Andy efficiently delivered a product that
elevated the work without adding any stress to the process. It is a
pleasure knowing him professionally and personally. I very much look
forward to working with him again.

Ben Mittleman
Producer / Actor “Dying to Live: The Journey into a Man’s Open Heart”